The AR Rugs Visualizer: Use Visualization To Increase Sales

What is a rug visualizer? Augmented reality gave us all an opportunity to display our products in an innovative and interesting way. Instead of looking at the picture in a brochure, we can now see the live visualizations, which not only make the whole process more fun but also bring more sales to the company. Flooring is not everything that Floori has to offer, carpets and rugs are now also included. Floori Studio allows customers to see how their dream area rug or hall runner will look in their rooms – all in just one click.

Introducing the AR Rugs Visualizer

With the AR Rugs Visualizer, customers can see the full range of carpets in their vicinity. It can show flooring ideas in various colors and styles to choose from or can browse various products and have their carpets all neatly listed, including their own preferred colors and designs. The possibilities are endless. The best part of this visualizer is that you can create an account and store your preferences for future reference. If you’re interested in learning more about the Rug Visualizer, check out Floori Studio’s visualizer demo. It offers a quick overview of the available options and sample rug layouts and clarifies how the visualizer works.

How the AR Rugs Visualizer Works

With a click, the customer is taken to the virtual shopping experience. Using the pre-set options of size, material, and border design, the customer can see what the rug would look like in their space. Upon hitting “Add to Cart,” the customer is taken to a printable form where they can check off the rugs, the color options, the materials, etc. They then send it back and voila, their purchase is complete. Floori Studio then sends a “Flyer” via email to their customer for a little added follow-up.

What are the Benefits of the Augmented Reality Rugs?

Floori Studio allows customers to visualize the design they want before committing. After selecting the design, the customer can have the rug or runner designed specifically to fit their room. Floori Studio allows customers to see the rug in their desired space, and to bring their own favorite designs into the virtual room. AR Rugs visualization is just one feature of Floori Studio, but this visualizer is the start to countless possibilities. Other features include on-demand products.

The product sounds simple and straightforward, but it can take some time to implement. Having to deal with software that can cause other obstacles, with changes to store layouts, device updates, and all the other craziness of the augmented reality in retail can be challenging. That is why Floori created Blog articles to help customers. Tutorials and instructions are specifically written in a simple language so that it’s easy to understand for everyone. Just by trying the free demo, you can see what opportunities await your business and decide for yourself if it’s exactly what you were looking for.

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